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Our Services

Real Fathers is a comprehensive rehabilitation program for homeless veterans with substance misuse issues. We provide support by means of daily, group therapy sessions, intense outpatient program coordination (IOP), employment training, work re-entry readiness and job placement assistance with the final goal of securing permanent housing.

Alcohol & Drug Recovery:

Real Fathers will offer outpatient and residential treatment services for veterans while working to address addiction, increase skills, manage stress, and build a solid foundation to support life-long recovery.

Most clients will be placed with Real Fathers by the VA, who will in turn, compensate Real Fathers for contracted services. Such services will include 1:1 counseling, daily group meetings, as well as providing triage support for necessary outpatient services for mental, behavioral, and physical health.

Job Training, Placement and Employment Readiness:

Real Fathers reentry program addresses the real need veterans have for job training and placement assistance. It is available to all veterans in the VA system, accessible to residents within and beyond all Real Fathers locations throughout the Greater Bay Area. Real Fathers is ever expanding its network of partners to make available job-specific training, both technical and non-technical. We will also host workshops to provide practical support enabling re-entry employment readiness.

Permanent Housing:

Real Fathers partners with organizations HUD VASH, Swords to Plowshares, and Episcopal Community Services among a growing list of organizations for the primary purpose of securing safe, appropriate, permanent housing its veteran population can take pride in as they rebuild their lives and gain stability.

Alcohol & Drug Recovery
Job Training, Placement and Employment Readiness
Permanent Housing